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O'Fallon's Quality Metal Roofing Installations

Metal roofing is one of our areas of expertise at O’Fallon Roofing Pros. Our staff has experience working on a variety of metal roofing projects. Some of the tasks we handle include placing a new metal roof on a steel frame building that has just been built, removing an old roof and installing a new one, or even laying a new roof on top of an existing metal roof. We offer a leak warranty for the aforementioned services. We only utilize top-notch materials for the new roof. Our roofs are warranted to last a lifetime since we only utilize quality components and advanced installation techniques. Metal keeps your home cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays, so cutting your energy costs.

Benefits of metal roofing

It’s crucial to have a strong, long-lasting roof to protect your house. Metal roofing systems are becoming more and more common because of their durability and extraordinarily long life spans. A metal roof has a higher initial cost, but it often lasts much longer than other types of roofing materials. Extreme temperatures, ferocious storms, and downed tree limbs are no match for our roofing systems. We have established a solid reputation as a dependable metal roofing business that provides installation services for all styles of residential and commercial roofs.

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Our metal roofs are exceptionally elegant and robust, and they can significantly improve the appearance of your house. You have a wide range of alternatives to select from when it comes to shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, so you can be assured knowing that we have the ideal appearance for your home. You can select a system with exposed fasteners or a system with concealed fasteners to further personalize the appearance of your new roof. We offer the ideal roofing for you, no matter what your preferences are. Even the harshest weather conditions won’t harm our roofing materials.

#1 Metal Roof Repairs Services In O'Fallon, MO

Roof leaks are the most frequent issue with metal roofing systems. Inadequate construction practices are frequently to blame for metal roof leaks. For instance, failing to protect roof penetrations or failing to use the necessary sealants at joints and penetrations would always result in leaks. The majority of metal roof issues may be quickly detected and fixed, including these items. Actually, there are four frequent application mistakes that are usually to blame for metal roof leaks. The building owner can greatly benefit from our roofing contractors’ knowledge of these items when they respond to service requests for metal roof systems. We can assist you with any type of metal roof repair service you require.

Excellent Workmanship

A good roof system depends more on craftsmanship than it does on actual materials. Our goal is to maintain the water tightness of our client’s facilities while also safeguarding their personnel and assets. With our warranty for metal roofing services, you may have peace of mind knowing that we will focus on workmanship and attention to detail throughout the whole process, from inspection and installation to repairs and maintenance. Our devoted service and production personnel regularly participate in required safety and installation training. This ensures that every time your metal roofing jobs are completed, they are done so by skilled, experienced professional roofers.

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